Welcome to King Muffin

King Muffin is a company that helps its customers to build platforms, games, marketplaces, blockchain things and products for the web.


When we invest in something, we do much more than give money. We employ a crack team of designers, developers, analysts and other specialists that go deep into our projects.

Our goal is to bring our network of knowledge and experience, help the companies to their feet and then slowly enable the current and future owners to lead their ship.


Everything we do needs to inspire us and others. We do not and will not do mediocre. Our good enough is better than most will ever deliver, if we would believe in "good enough".

We also take our knowledge and resources into working with charities and helping anyone who wants and needs our help. We believe in giving and teaching.


We are not in the business of just repeating success, we are the fine-tuners and process analysts from the future. We want to future-proof before it ever becomes an issue. We are lean, we are agile and not just with computers.

We thrive to innovate in the old world and automate anything possible. It gets better, and we're the one doing the getting.